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Explorers and researchers alike are constantly making new and exciting historical discoveries.  Piece by piece the puzzle of the past comes together, providing a better understanding of the complex history of our world.  Founded in 2004, The Ancient Historical Research Foundation was created to research, locate, organize and document historic and ancient history as it comes into view.  Societal biases, personal agendas among the academic community and layman alike, disinformation, and misinformation have had a tremendous influence on the way humans in general view the past.  Our goal is to discover the truth, where ever it may lead ...




Uncovering the Truth Through Science and Technology

"The Ancient Historical Research Foundation is a no-spin zone.  It will investigate any worthy claim to antiquity using reason, science and honest, forthright evaluation.  It will leave conjecture to others. It is dedicated to the revealing of truth wherever and whenever it is found, irrespective of the source.  Fraudulent claims will be exposed.  It is believed that this approach best serves those who explore, dig and investigate into the wonders of the past."  ~J. Barton


Aug 26, 2013

Prehistoric Meteorite ‘Shrines’ in Arizona

Two twelfth-century settlements a hundred kilometers apart in Arizona were apparently built by discrete cultures, but they… More
Oct 03, 2012

Tomb of Ancient Mayan Queen Discovered in Guatemala

Archaeologists in Guatemala have discovered the tomb of Lady K’abel, a seventh-century Maya Holy Snake Lord considered one… More
Mar 23, 2014

The Remarkable Coin Cache

My wife and I were heading to Southern Utah for a teaching conference. It was June 4th and school had just let out for the… More
Mar 07, 2014

Shamanic figurine guarding shaft tomb discovered in Colima

A shaft tomb containing skeletal remains along with a rich assemblage of grave goods, has been discovered in a later… More
Feb 11, 2014

Filmmakers search for Montezuma's treasure in Kanab pond

KANAB, Kane County – For 100 years, locals have believed Montezuma’s treasure lies at the end of a tunnel below Three Lakes… More


Apr 09, 2014

Creek Wind Clan Gorget

This gorget is an ancient symbol worn by the members of the Creek Wind Clan More
Apr 09, 2014

Boundary Stone. Babylonian Empire. 600 B.C.

Boundary Stone. Babylonian Empire. 600 B.C. More
Apr 09, 2014

Mayan Art from the Temple of Tikal

This amazing piece of ancient art once decorated the Mayan Temple at Tikal. It shows a man in a boat escaping from a land… More
Jun 28, 2013

Wari Gold and Silver Ear Ornaments

A pair of gold-and-silver ear ornaments that archaeologists believe a high-ranking Wari woman wore to her grave, the… More
Jan 20, 2010

Bronze Votive Plaque

Bronze Votive plaque dating 3rd C. AD (al Baleed Museum Salalah) was found during archaeological excavations of Khor Rori /… More
Nov 12, 2010

Tablet illustrating Pythagoras' Theorem and the square root of 2

Old Babylonian Period (19th-17th century BCE), southern Mesopotamia? This famous tablet, one of few to consist entirely of a… More